Windows/DOS: double clicking a .py file

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> > Thanks for both suggestions. Another workaround just occured to me: do a
> > raw_input("type enter to exit") in an exception hook. That should work
> > just fine in a py2exe-fied app as well I suppose.
> >
> python -i
> will allow you to enter interactive statements after your execution
> finishes, which can be useful when you're debugging.

Actually, debugging on my side is not really the problem (I usually 
start the app from the command line anyway, it's a simple 
platform-neutral command line tool), but it's end users: they want to 
drop files onto the app. The DOS window can go away if everything went 
ok (it only displays some progress info), but not if an exception 
occurred: I want them to a) be able to tell something's wrong, and b) 
tell me _what_ went wrong ;-). The raw_input() call upon exception seems 
the easiest workaround for now.


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