Python and activescripting within a host environment

Gavin Tomlins GavinT at
Tue Sep 24 00:06:11 EDT 2002


We are still trying to solve one or two problems that we have with Python in
a ActiveScripting host. Currently we can access COM based objects
successfully from the python command line and perform normal operations.
However, I was curious to know if people have any examples of products with
ActiveScripting embedded within them that exposes a object model that can be
utilised via Pythonscript. eg. (
FinalBuilder). In particular, we are unable to access variables from the
host application. My understanding was that upon a request for a variable or
unknown type it would be fired to the ActiveScripting engine to return the
value or an error.
eg. Within the hostapplication, they expose WindowTitle, ProjectVar
Shouldn't I be able to do something simple like

MyWindowTitle = WindowTitle
MyProjectVar = ProjectVar

ProjectVar = "A new value"

ie. above logic works with Vbscript etc.

is there any special notation needed to identify host variables, or does the
entire variable space of the host application become global to the python

Is there any documentation outlining the integrating or the absorption of
such operations with Python and ActiveScripting.



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