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Stephen Ferg steve at
Sat Sep 7 08:01:05 EDT 2002

"Joseph A. Knapka" <jknapka at> wrote in message news:<3D798461.B3FE0E06 at>...

> you probably shouldn't refer to the parent/child
> relationship between UI elements as "binding", since
> that will cause great confusion when you get around
> to discussing the binding of events to code (using
> the widget.bind() method).

You're probably right.  I'll see if I can't rewrite that.
> Also, you should be aware of the "command" option

I know about it, but I think that for beginners, it is very confusing.
 For one thing, it leads down the path to lambda, which is tricky
enough itself.  For another, it doesn't automatically pass an event
object, which makes it even more difficult to use.  So I think that
beginners should consistently use the more plodding technique of
explicit binding.

But I should probably add a note to that effect.  Otherwise, the
avoidance of the "command" option might be confusing.

Thanks for the feedback! :-)

-- Steve

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