RedHat 7.3 and Python2.2.1

Doug Farrell writeson at
Mon Sep 2 13:32:51 EDT 2002


I'm trying to install the latest version of Python
(python2-2.2.1-1.i386.rpm) from the download page, and
I'm having problems. When I run

rpm -i python2-2.2.1-1.i386.rpm

I get all kinds of conflict messages like this:

file /usr/bin/pydoc2 from install of python2-2.2.1-1 conflicts with
file from package python2-2.2-16

probably hundreds of them in fact. Can anyone tell me what is going on
here, as the site says the RPM I'm using is for RH7.3,
which is what I'm using. If you can tell me what I'm doing wrong and
how to address this, that would be great too! My ultimate goal is to
also install wxPython for the python2.2.1 installation, so if anyone
has some 'heads up' on that, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

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