Python GUI

Daniel Nuriyev danielnuriyev at
Tue Sep 10 19:32:11 EDT 2002

Gentlemen, some of you have misunderstood what I wrote against using
the native widgets.
What I meant was not to use instead of the native widgets the least
common denominator for all platforms
but to use one basic graphical object of no matter which origin by
means of which to simulate
look&feels you like. This is what I meant when I compared this method
with Java Swing.
Surely it envolves a lot of work for those who will develop such
packages. But in my opinion it is better
than to call directly the native widgets. I apologize for being lazy
to go into the explanation of why.
But if you're interested in the comparoson of the two approaches, you
can have a look at the advantages
of Java Swing vs Java AWT.
Another point I would like to make clear is that what I meant by my
message was the general issue
of a general idea of a general GUI package for Python. But of course
each one of us has a concrete package we like and
it is absolutely not compulsory to use something generic. I, for
instance, use Tk for quickies. I don't
like it but it's always there. When I need something nice I look at
the needs of a concrete project and
make choices not necessarily based on my personal taste.

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