Destructor never called ???

holger krekel pyth at
Wed Sep 11 19:29:14 EDT 2002

I presume that you are using CPython (not jpython).

vb wrote:
> Hi, 
>   I have the following code my problem is when I call any methods of  
>        TCVector_Object the destructor never executes.
> I mean
> v = module.CreateTCVector()
> del v;

or maybe you are using JPython :-)

> //destructor runs. message shown .OK
> but 
> in
> v = module.CreateTCVector()
> v.Append(123);
> del v;//or closing python interpreter

At least you are coming from java :-)

getting ontopic, what does your 'Append' method do? It's not the
usual list.append method, right?

> destructor never gets called. Any ideas?

You need to provide *example* code, showing unexpected behaviour.
Tossing in some information about the python version and the operating
system might help, too.  Especially when it's about low-level behaviour.



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