how to build up a guest book with python ?

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Tue Sep 24 10:42:11 EDT 2002

i might add that this is an exellent book!

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> black wrote:
> >     I'm learning python for almost 1 month and decide to build up a
> >     book with it, but I really know nothing about web programming, any
> >     tutorials for me please ?
> Steve Holden's "Python Web Programming" (New Riders) should be
> perfect for your needs -- it touches on all the technologies you
> need to be acquainted with for the purpose, and gives a good
> tutorial grounding in each of them.  (I'm biased: Steve is a
> friend and I was a tech editor for the book -- but I have some
> counter-bias to compensate, as I could be recommending my own
> books instead of his, so it probably balances out:-).
> Alex

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