Pysol Solitaire for Windows wanted

Paul Moore gustav at
Mon Sep 9 17:05:50 EDT 2002

"Alan Winston" <awinston at> writes:
> > I have done the Google exercise several times over recent months, and have
> > never gotten a working Windows installable, only the pyc files, which
> > briefly open a Python window, display some messages (presumably errors)
> > then close again before I can read the messages.

There are bugs in the Windows code for the latest version
(4.80). IIRC, it also depended on a version of Tk which isn't the
standard. None of the problems were impossible to solve, but they were
a mild pain, and the result is *not* the same as the original, as the
supplied .pyc file is somehow built as a single file from multiple
source files.

The author is also effectively uncontactable, which makes getting
fixes included in the source pretty much impossible.

It's a real pain, as PySol is a really good program. If anyone could
package it up again, I'm sure the result would be of value to a lot of


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