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BT no at
Mon Sep 16 19:24:05 EDT 2002

> > I really don't understand posts like these.
> > You think I'm fool to protect my work?
> No, only a bit uninformed if you think you can get "security through
> obscurity".  Obscuring the code will dissuade only the most casual or
> incompetent from decompiling/disassembling your code.  Sort of like
> hiding a spare key to your house under the "Welcome" mat.

I was talking to people who suggest to "seek psychiatric help" if you want
to protect your code.
I know that no protection is unattacable but, I think it's better to protect
something instead of
release source code and write in a .txt file "please, don't copy it".

> > I can give you the phone of my clinic, but stop it NOW, join the ideal
> > world.
> You mean the "real" world.

No, I meant "ideal": I was persuading Id people to join open source

> This question ("how can I obscure Python byte-code?") comes up at least
> once a month on this list.  It's fairly clear that any scheme you come
> up with will take longer to implement than it will to break by a
> competent hacker.

True.. that's why I'm planning to obfuscate the code then encrypt it.
A hacker (not every programmer) is specialized in modify jmp instructions
and could find the password
to decrypt the .pyc in less than 20 minutes, but maybe 5% of them knows
about python.
Then obfuscated source should persuade everyone to steal the code: sometimes
it's difficoult to modify
even a source with comments.

> Anyway, good luck!  If your software is any better than your protection
> scheme I'll download it from when you release it ;)

I'd like it: it would means my software it's worth to crack.

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