[ANN] PySQLite 0.3.0 released

Bob X bobx at linuxmail.org
Mon Sep 16 22:42:52 CEST 2002

Steve Holden wrote:
> No, his two-paragraph "sig" is a PITA, but probably it's not aa sig but
> something that his company's mailer sticks on the end of all message quite
> gratuitously, just so some corporate lawyer can sleep better (fancying his
> ass is covered).
> regards
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Steve Holden                                  http://www.holdenweb.com/
> Python Web Programming                 http://pydish.holdenweb.com/pwp/
> Previous .sig file retired to                    www.homeforoldsigs.com
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
And here I thought a PITA was a sandwich!  :-)


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