Building a python executable archive

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Sep 11 18:37:16 EDT 2002

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Rich Browne wrote:

> I'm trying to build python as an archive bound executable.  
> This sounds dumb, Python is inherently dynamic, so why am I doing
> this?
> Because the python executable will have to execute without any dynamic
> dependencies on shared libs outside the build environment that I plan
> to install it in.
> I have succeeded in statically linking most of the shared objects...


> ... This works, but I'm looking for an
> easier(automated)way to do this.  

Have you looked at whether Installer
can be made to suit your needs?

It's not statically linked, so you have to control the
shared libs along with the exe, but it's designed to operate
from only it's own directory tree, (so you can ship an app
built from one version of Python without fear of conflicts
with an installed version).

> Also, what is the difference between the *.pyo and *.pyc files.

At this point, not much (the pyo's omit line numbers and maybe
doc strings?). The goal is to have pyo's be the product of an
optimizing compiler.

-- Gordon

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