minimizing Tk programs to the taskbar

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Wed Sep 18 09:25:05 EDT 2002

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Alex Martelli  <aleax at> wrote:
>Richard Tardif wrote:
>> Is there any way to minimize programs to the taskbar? I'm talking about
>> windows here. By taskbar I mean the area down in the bottom right
>> corner, near the clock, that shows icons for what proggies you've got
>> running. Thanks for any help.
>I don't think Tkinter offers such an intrinsically non-cross-platform 
>functionality. I suspect therefore that you'd need to work this part 
>through the win32all add-ons, win32gui.Shell_NotifyIcon &tc.
?  Alex and Richard, I think you'll want to experiment with
  root = Tkinter.Tk()

Alex' intuition that a lot of the operations people say they
want are platform- or window-manager-specific is certainly

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