Must have Python modules?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Sep 2 11:57:26 EDT 2002

"Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
> "Robert Oschler" <Oschler at> writes:
> > In C++, which has thousands of libraries, snippets, etc. there were only a
> > few that I personally used religiously.
> [...]
> So if your question includes standard library modules as well: my
> absolutely must-have module is "os", followed by "sys".

I've written programs that need "sys" but not "os" more often
than the other way around(*).  "sys" ROOLZ!  :-)

* By "the other way around", I mean "more often than I write those with 
only 'os'", not "more often than those programs write me".

-too-early-on-a-long-weekend-to-be-serious-ly yr's,

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