Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Gray, Lee P. lpgray at
Wed Sep 18 16:35:59 EDT 2002

	(Sorry for the screwed up quoting... I have to use Outlook at work.
:(  ) 

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> Subject:	Re: Python GUI app to impress the boss?
> Boa is in fact quite a bit alpha-ish, but after you're
> used to the quirks and limitations, it is really great.
> Also note that you should use the version from CVS
> which is *far* more developed than the downloadable.
> I've written a quite big wizard for 3D image processing
> with wxPython, PIL, Stackless. If you like, I can prepare
> some screen shots.
	[Gray, Lee P.]  ---------------
	Yeah, I tried to download from CVS, but being a complete noob
couldn't figure out how, short of tracking down and copying and pasting
every updated file.  Any tips would be appreciated.

	Yes, I'd definitely like to see your screenshots.


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