Pete Shinners pete at
Sat Sep 28 21:17:48 CEST 2002

In article <r_Lk9.174774$pX1.6183293 at>, Max wrote:
>I can't generate a QUIT event in pygame:
>pygame.event.Event(type, dict, [keyword_args]) -> Event
>What do I have to put in "dict"?

i should fix the docs up a little on that. the dictionary argument is
optional. it is a way to add any extra attributes to the event. the QUIT
event doesn't really have any attributes. you can ignore the argument.

also, an easier way to handle the extra attributes is with keyword argument
handling. "my_quit = pygame.event.Event(QUIT, fake=1)", and your program
could easily later determine if this was a "real" quit event or not.

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