Coding Style: Quotes

Max M maxm at
Thu Sep 12 12:52:59 EDT 2002

Michael Stenner wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 02:25:11PM +0000, John Waycott wrote:
>>I'm curious if others have adopted any standards for choice of single vs.
>>double quotation marks to delimit strings. A look through the standard
>>library reveals the choice of one over the other is rather arbitrary. I
>>suspect it really makes no difference, but the question has come up during a
>>code review.
> Since there is no "physical" difference between them, I can't imagine
> why it would matter.  The only reason there "needs" to be two is for
> nested quoting.  Sure, it would be annoying to alternate for each
> string, but beyond that...

It makes about as much sense to standardize the use of double and single 
quoting in Python as it does do try and genreate personal email adresses 
in a company from some kind of systematic approach.

There will allways be reasons to break the system.

Personally I use single quotes as much as possible because it is a 
direct key on may Danish keyboard. To double quote I have to press 
shift+2. :-/

regards Max M

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