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> i've been learning python not for becoming a programmer
> (i study modern languages at the university), but for having
> fun. my personal motto is "i want to know how it works".
['but I'm getting bored']

Perhaps you should look into some area of computer-aided language
analysis and processing.  Something too specialized (and perhaps too
difficult for most people) to be in any introductory text.  Example:
write a program to conjugate any Spanish verb given its infinitive
form.  If you succeed at that, write another one to de-conjugate any
conjugated form back to infinitive form (this is more difficult).  If
you still need a challenge 8<), write a third program to recognize
verbs in Spanish text.

Or pick a different language problem of more interest to you.  Perhaps
a cross-language
lexicon comparison.  For example, given the words for 'zero' to 'ten'
in several languages, devise an 'index of similarity' calculation.
(This is also non-trivial).  Calculate a similarity matrix and use it
to draw some conclusions.

I hope these ideas might serve to jog you out of the
standard-boring-problem rut you seem to be in.

Even if you do not become a 'programmer', you may easily find yourself
using programming skills and maybe even Python in particular in many
other careers.

Terry J. Reedy

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