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> > I have never programmed in a language before.
> > I have developed complex databases with Access (Office 95 version) just
> with
> > the visual tools.
> Languages are the only way. Graphical manipulations such as report
> generation in Access are all very well, but you hit the limits sooner or
> later.
> > I would like to learn a computer language or database as a hobby that I
> > would use to keep track of things in my real job.
> > I have worked through "Non-programmer's Tutorial for Python".
> > I'm reading "Programming Python (First Edition, got cheap)" right now.
> >
> "Programming Python" is a good book, but its focus is perhaps a little
> narrow. There are many online tutorials you can add to your book with, so
> you shouldn't *need* to buy anything else.
> > Most of the programs that I would like to develop would be relatively
> simple
> > databases.
> Nothing wrong with that. You can create them visually if that's easier.
> just need to learn how to use DB-API modules. For Access I'd recommend
> mxODBC, which doesn't have to be licensed for personal use.

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> Steve Holden

also note that Access is easy to communicate with/control w/o installing 3rd
party tools.  You can easily use ADO, DAO, etc with python.  see for help/examples. I will leave the debate
over the merits of one method as opposed to another for elsewhere.


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