Coredumps (Python 1.4)

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Sep 3 23:02:21 EDT 2002

    Anton> ... I coredump on this line ever since I linked with Electric
    Anton> Fence memory debugging lib. Any ideas why? 

Not off the top of my head...

    Anton> This is with Python 1.4 on SCO. Any know issues with memory
    Anton> allocation there? I'm building 2.2 now, but it will take a while.

Give up on 1.4.  It took me awhile (an hour or so) several months ago to get
Python 2.1 (I think) to build on SCO.  You'll be better off solving 2.2
build problems than struggling with what might be a bug in 1.4.

Skip Montanaro
skip at

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