Destructor never called ???

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Sat Sep 21 12:32:37 EDT 2002

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Tim Peters  < at> wrote:
>Since you and I are approximately the only two people on the newsgroup
>whose heads haven't exploded from trying to understand exactly what the
>hell I'm talking about there <wink>, I think it's a Positive Good that
>Neil skipped all the SCC complications.  "Cycles and destructors: don't
>even think about mixing them" is much easier to remember, and has never
>done me any harm in real life.

As long as you're talking about approximations, make it three people;
I'm of the opinion that I understand roughly half of what you're talking
about and if I count as half a person, you can just round up.  I did try
to understand the rest and my brain didn't explode, but it's probably
leaking around the edges.
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