conditional expressions

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Mon Sep 23 20:05:09 EDT 2002

> From: Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters [mailto:mertz at]
> "Delaney, Timothy" <tdelaney at> wrote previously:
> |This type of thinking is one very good reason why bool() is 
> a Good Thing
> |(TM). A large number (my guess is the majority) of Python 
> users do not know
> |about operator.truth().
> Well...  Python users won't necessarily innately know about 
> bool() when
> it is available in 2.3 (or 2.2.x).  In either case, users 

No - however it will be documented as a core feature rather than a (to many)
obscure library. For current uers, it will appear as a new feature
(immediately bringing it to attention). For new users, it will be in an
easily accessible part of the documentation - the same place that integers
and other built-in types are discussed.

Tim Delaney

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