off topic -- spam assassin

Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Sep 26 11:49:01 EDT 2002

    Laura> On the advice of several of you here, I installed spam assassin,
    Laura> and had a pleasant six months of nearly spam free mail.  Thank
    Laura> you, each and every one of you who recommmended it.  Alas, the
    Laura> spammers have got smarter, and I am now getting 25+ pieces of
    Laura> spam that aren't caught by spam assassin every day again. :-(
    Laura> What's new for our side of the arms race?


The tension between spammers and the people who develop spam-fighting
software can be likened to an arms race.  It's fairly clear the spammers use
tools like SA to make their mailings more likely to get through.  If you
installed SA six months ago, I'd suspect you're running 2.20 or thereabouts.
Since then 2.31 and 2.41 have been released.  You might want to upgrade.


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