Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Sep 18 14:57:58 CEST 2002

Gavin Tomlins wrote:
> Greetings, 
> Firstly apologies if this is slightly out of the scope of the mailing list
> but after searching the web, archives I've been unable to find references of
> PythonScript with its use with the activescript engine. I own March Hammond
> & Andy Robinson's Python Win32 Programming and have gone over there chapter
> of active scripting though there examples focus more on python and
> activescripting via the command shell. 
> The problem I seem to be hitting is utilising python in applications that
> embed an ActiveScript Engine. To date I am unable to get one python script
> to execute. Other languages vbscript, jscript,perl etc, work in the same
> environment so I'm left wondering if its a configuration problem or
> something that I might be overlooking. If anyone could give me pointers,
> url's, snippets etc. it would be interested. The product I specifically
> having problems is FinalBuilder ( though have
> seen this problem in other applications as well.
It is likely to be some strange interaction between PythonScript and the 
host.  Python works fine in all MS hosts, and quite a number of 3rd 
party ones.  What application is it?


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