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At 05:51 AM 9/4/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I just begun to learn how to program. And I choosed Python for
>doing that. surfing around the web i found an article about this
>language, they said it's the ideal language for beginners to the
>world of programming. and i admit it, the syntax is very clear making
>the code very readable, i learn easily the concepts of programming
>and i soon wrote some nice programs. but since i finished my
>newbie-tutorial, i am wondering about one question: is it worth to go
>deeper into python? i talked to a friend of mine, he told me that i
>should try php..
>what should i do?? ^_^ in other words: what is python good for?
>why should i continue with python?

Just because you learn something new, it doesn't mean that you should 
forget the "old". Programming languages are like tools for a carpenter. 
Just because you got a new hammer, you don't have to throw the old 
screwdriver. Each programming language has it advantages and disadvantages. 
Learning to use them correctly is as important as learning one. Definetely 
I won't use Python for any low level programming (C is great here). But for 
other areas, Python can shine like (or better) than others.

Also, I started recently to learn PHP. I wouldn't recommend it for a newbie 
at programming, unless he/she needs it.

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