ANN: NINZ 1.2.1

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer at
Thu Sep 12 18:17:01 EDT 2002

> And ZSI would be?

You're the second person to ask me about it, so here it goes:

ZSI, the Zolera SOAP Infrastructure, is a Python package that provides
an implementation of SOAP messaging, as described in The SOAP 1.1
Specification. In particular, ZSI parses and generates SOAP messages,
and converts between native Python datatypes and SOAP syntax. It can
also be used to build applications using SOAP Messages with Attachments.
ZSI is ``transport neutral'', and provides only a simple I/O and
dispatch framework; a more complete solution is the responsibility of
the application using ZSI. As usage patterns emerge, and common
application frameworks are more understood, this may change. 

Gustavo Niemeyer

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