file upload using msvcrt

dxterra wanner.dx at
Thu Sep 12 06:05:56 EDT 2002

I have tried both of the methods suggested. When I do a
len(fileinfo.value) before writing, the size is consistantly 8k
regardless of the actual file size. I am using Oracle 9iAS with
apache. I still think that the LimitResponseSize is being set
somewhere, but Oracle cannot tell me.

teaandbikkie at (TeaAndBikkie) wrote in message news:<20020911210159.00669.00000162 at>...
> >data = )
> >if not data: break
> I just thought of another possible problem here, read() is supposed to read in
> the entire file, and maybe 8k is all data can take :)
> So you could change it to read(1024) for 1k chunks.
> Also, maybe read() recognises an EOF character in the word doc? Hopefully being
> binary read this should not happen...
> Kind regards,

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