how to build wxPython w/ Sun's C++ compiler?

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Sep 10 08:46:43 EDT 2002

    Paul> What about configure programs, though? They tend to accept lots of
    Paul> command line arguments, and it's hard to get more "Unix-centered"
    Paul> than that these days.

Agreed.  However, disutils commands have this structure:

    python [ options ] command [ more options ] ...

which I think can get kind of confusing.

    Paul> Moreover, the config.status file nicely summarises what you
    Paul> presented to configure - much more convenient than environment
    Paul> variables, surely, because you get to remember how you built the
    Paul> package in question.

The problem with wxPython is that it's got stuff written in C++ while Python
is typically compiled with C.  I don't want what the system was built
with. ;-)


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