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Greg Fortune lists at
Thu Sep 12 15:38:14 EDT 2002

Uwe Schmitt wrote:

> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shalehperry at> wrote:
>>>     Manuel
>> You want to use :
>> if fields[3:4] not in domains:
>>    domains.append(fields[3:4])
>> .index() only works if the item is actually in the list.
> At least you should wrap the line with .index in a try/except pair...
> But the solution with "in" is preferable.
> Greetings, Uwe

Or simply use .count instead of a try/except block.

if(domains.count(fields[3:4]) == 0)

will work exactly like 'not in'.  In this case, I would prefer the 'not in' 
option, but wrapping a .index in a try/except seems like a huge overkill.  
IMHO, avoid exceptions if possible.

Greg Fortune
Fortune Solutions

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