mySQL and Python 2.2

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Sep 23 03:25:24 EDT 2002

Greg & Janet LINDSTROM wrote:

> Hello-
> I am trying to convert from gadfly to mySQL for my database needs on
> my Windows 98 box. I have installed mySQL and it works (I have
> created my tables and can manipulate them manually), and have
> downloaded mySQL-python-0.9.1, but when I python build, I
> get an error about cl.exe not existing (and, sure enough, it
> doesn't :-).
> I'm running Windows 98 with Activestate Python2.2. Any help you
> could supply (including code snippets of how to get connected to
> MySQL once I get it running) would be appreciated.

You seem to be trying to build from sources without having the
needed C compiler (that's what cl.exe is -- the executable that
calls the compiler and linker under Microsoft Visual C++).

If you don't have a C compiler, you can't build C-coded Python
extensions from sources: you need to find and install pre-built
binary versions of those extensions for the Python version you
are using.  You can find many such versions listed at (LONG
URL, mail sw might break it -- if so, then rejoin it...):

Click on the link shown as (for example):
if you use Python 2.2 (there are other pre-built binaries
for older versions, should you need those).  Running that
EXE after downloading it should then install all you need.

I think you can also find pre-built binaries of MySQLdb 0.9.2,
for example at Gerhard Häring's page, but I'm not sure about
the details -- Gerhard mentions said binaries at but gives no
link and I can't find them.


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