linking extension modules w/ "ld" on Solaris - to be expected?

Skip Montanaro skip at
Wed Sep 18 19:56:49 EDT 2002

On a Solaris machine I configured Python (2.1.3 at the moment, but 2.2.1 is
in the wings) using:

    ./configure --with-gcc=mycc --with-cxx=mycc

where "mycc" is a shell script which decides whether or not to invoke Sun's
C or C++ compiler.  Some (but not all) 3rd party extension modules need to
be compiled with C++, but I don't want to force all to be C++-compiled.
(Gcc is not an option here.)

I noticed in the configure output that LDSHARED got set to "ld -G".  Is this
typical for Solaris when building with a non-gcc compiler?

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