monetary applications (et al)

terry tg5027 at
Thu Sep 19 01:40:56 CEST 2002

>>> Michael wrote:
for how to emulate numeric types.

Right, I have looked at that.  As near as I can tell there is a vast 
difference between 'emulation' and 'intrinsic' - and the burden of that 
difference falls on the programmer/customer in your assessment.  The 
difference involves the amount of effort required to anticipate and 
react to the use of emulation as opposed to the simplicity of using 
intrinsic data types.  Maybe in the C world, dealing with what ever 
comes your way in what ever way you deem appropriate for your current 
project/situation is a way of life, but for those of us who have to 
deal directly with a world in which money is a common data type, all of 
that extraneous OO stuff to represent what is really a common 
information form really is a crude approach to getting a job done.

just my $0.02  ;>)


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