comparing all values of a list to regex

Manuel Hendel manuel at
Fri Sep 27 11:13:25 CEST 2002

Sorry for forgetting some details.

On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 08:07:24AM +0000, Alex Martelli wrote:
> def classify(login_email):
>     l_e = login_email.split(',')

I think that I nearly understand what you are doing here. But I don't
understand the assert part. I already checked at the documentations
but this doesn't helped me at all.

>     assert 1 <= len(l_e) <= 2, "More than one comma in (%s)" % login_email
>     if len(l_e)==2: return 2         # both
>     elif l_e.find('@'): return 1     # email, I guess
>     else return 0                    # other case (local account, I guess)


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