access to palm with pilot-link pisock library (python binding)

Solon Kazantzidis solonas73 at
Fri Sep 20 07:08:43 EDT 2002


I want to achieve the following:

- I want to use the python language to access my palm pilot Vx
- I found the pilot-link package which provides a python binding of
the pisock library written in c
- Unfortunately the documentation I need as newbie to this is listed
in the TODO list so I am searching a documentation
- I want to be able to connect to the Palm (I have some example for a
connection from the pyrite-publisher .py file)
- I want to be able make what the pilot-xfer -l command does
- I want to be able to create/delete/access databases stored on my
- I need to have access on data which I want to gather with the Palm

What I achieved so far:
1. downloaded pilot-link package (version 0.11.3)
2. build it and created the python binding (python version 2.2.1)
3. from file (pyrite-publisher) I got some
starting information to establish connection to the palm:


import pisock

port = "/dev/pilot"

sd = pisock.pi_socket(pisock.PI_AF_SLP, pisock.PI_SOCK_STREAM,
if not sd:
	print "failed to create socket"
if (pisock.pi_bind(sd, (pisock.PI_AF_SLP, port))) == -1:
	print "failed to bind socket"
if (pisock.pi_listen(sd, 1)) == -1:
	print "failed to listen on socket"
ret = pisock.pi_accept(sd)
if ret == -1:
	print "failed to accept connection"
socket = ret[0]


As there is no documentation out there and I am not the best
programmer I can only say that the whole procedure stops with a:
"Speicherzugriffsfehler"-->(translated) "Memory access failure"

All works fine until the "ret = pisock.pi_accept(sd)". At this point
the python interpreter stops and waits for me to press the hotsync
button. After I press it the above mentioned error arises.

I need urgently help with this as I cannot with the start form my
thesis until the mechanism for accessing works. (and then the real
work of synchronising gathered data starts....)

Thanks alot for your help/comments,


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