Python to surpass C performance by 2030

Ian Holmes ianholmes01 at
Tue Sep 3 12:09:45 EDT 2002

holger krekel <pyth at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1030464340.15191.python-list at>...
> We might as well consider sponsoring Armin Rigo with his fantastic
> Psyco effort to achieve order-of-magnitude increases for python3.
>     holger

Yup pystoned it on my win2k machine and got a 4 fold increase. - ran a
self made test script based on the "why it is so dramatical" post

and for the list join solution post a nice 3x speed up (the string +=
string2 was about the same unsurprisingly) - what ever Armin is doing
its amazing and he has my vote.


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