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Thomas Korb Doc at goodweb.de
Fri Sep 6 00:03:57 CEST 2002

Thanks for the answers! (@Thomas Heller: I really like your 
py2exe; it does a great job when using the standard Python-
distribution only; and it is very easy to use!)

I think I found a solution for Gordon McMillan's Installer:

In the 4Suite distribution, there is a module named 'Math.py'
in (e.g. for Python 2.2): 

This causes problems with Python's built-in math-module (most
probably since Win32 systems are not case-sensitive) when trying
to use Gordon McMillan's Installer. (The executable is built; but
when you try to use e.g. the XSLT-Processor of 4Suite, you get a 
lot of error-messages.)

Solution - Rename the above module to something like 'myMath.py'
and change the import of 'Math' in __init.py__ (in the above dir)
to 'myMath'.

Then everythingworks just fine. (I am only using the XSLT-Processor; 
so maybe the above changes affect other parts of 4Suite. Did not 
check that up to now. But as far as I could see, the Math.py - module 
is not used very often in the 4Suite-distribution.)

I will report this to the people at 4Suite.org. Maybe they still have
the chance to change this modules name in the next distribution.

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