Zope Status?

Jeff Sasmor jeff at sasmor.com
Mon Sep 9 16:11:20 CEST 2002

Hi Max,
What I meant was that since the initial implementation won't
support the old (Zope 2) APIs, you'd have to have the mindset
to dig in and see what's going on.  The learning curve for
Zope 2 is made easier due to the many existing apps and
examples that exist.  Even so, it's a complex system and
is daunting for a lot of folks.

I expect that the ratio of folks who use Zope to those who
create apps in Python for Zope is pretty high.

Right now, almost anyone who wants to play around can install
Zope 2 and get it to do things by installing some popular
apps like Squishdot (etc,etc).  You only have to know
how to install software to be able to be productive.

Until this same state of affairs exists for Zope 3 (and there's
nothing to say that it will take that long, one hopes) it will take
a more advanced (tyro < 'advanced developer' < Einstein)
developer who has the time and inclination to
poke into the innards and see how it works.  Especially as the
docs will likely  trail the sw for a while.

>From what I've seen, Zope 3 is more regular and better organized
than Zope 2, but it _is_ different.

Anyway, that's all I meant. Nothing bad, just inevitable. Anyway,
it's just my opinion, so it doesn't matter all that much!

Jeff Sasmor
jeff at sasmor.com
"Max M" <maxm at mxm.dk> wrote in message news:3D7C4833.2080308 at mxm.dk...
> Jeff Sasmor wrote:
> > That's just one thing. Also, Zope 3 is a clean-slate redesign; that is,
> > it is being rearchitected with no initial regard for existing Zope
> > applications.  I suppose opinions go either way on this, but overall
> > it is probably a Good Thing.  I recall reading that there will
> > be backwards compatibility, perhaps with some interface layer, but
> > I suspect that the initial releases will be for very advanced
> As far as I can see from the examples you actually don't need to be an
> advanced developer. It seems that it will indeed be much more simple to
> develop for Zope3 than it is for the current version.
> Also they are taking care of some of the things that could make it
> difficult to develop in Zope. Like relations.
> regards Max M

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