zlib needs the python15.dll on python22 ???

James C. Ahlstrom jim at interet.com
Mon Sep 30 09:31:27 EDT 2002

Ralf Claus wrote:
> Hello NG,
> by importing the zlib module on python 2.2 (windows)
> i get a popup that means "python15.dll not found in path 
> //winnt/system32/......and so on...
> On that computer, there was never installed python 1.5 !?

Each Python release has a new version of the Python
interpreter in the PythonXX.dll.  Your Python 2.2 is using
Python22.dll, but you have an old version of zlib which
was linked using Python15.dll.

You need to find the old zlib and remove it.  Then
find the new zlib.pyd that uses Python22.dll and install it.

Jim Ahlstrom

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