Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Fred Pacquier fredp at
Wed Sep 18 03:20:00 EDT 2002

lpgray at (Lee Gray) said :

> I'm a fairly new programmer with experience in ASP/VBScript/DHTML.
> Other than small utilities, so far I've mostly written ASP apps to
> talk to an Oracle database on HP/UX, with Windows NT/2000 clients, and
> I've done maintenance work on VB and Oracle Forms apps.
> We're currently looking at .Net, and I'm not very impressed, for a
> variety of reasons. A little research makes me feel that either Java
> or Python would be a good alternative, and given my level of
> experience, I'd much prefer Python over Java.  I *think* I could
> actually get up to speed faster with Python than with VB and ASP.Net,
> in spite of my ASP/VBS experience.
> My boss is pretty open-minded, but also needs to see something working
> to be convinced Python is even a viable platform (he had never heard
> of it).  Otherwise, .Net is a given, whether it's any good or not,
> since corporate is MS all the way.
> Can someone point me to a good Python GUI app to demonstrate (other
> than IDLE)?

In addition to what's already been suggested, you may want to look at the 
"samples" (demos) in the PythonCard distribution. They're small apps, but 
quite demonstrative, especially considering the size of the code and ease 
of use :

Of course, PythonCard is based on wxPython, and that has a nice showcase 
demo suite as well.

Finally, a nice (very VB-like) IDE for wxPython is Boa Constructor, 
although you'll need to pull the matest version from CVS :



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