Python's import: why doesn't it work?

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> > The docs are exactly as good as volunteers have made them (well,
> > better, thanks to Fred <wink>).  When you find an explanation inadequate
> to
> > your needs, suggesting specific improvements in the right place is the
> only
> > way it will improve.
>   Then, these are my suggestions to improve documentation on installing
> managing module :
[reasonable suggestions]

And one of the reasons the documentation doesn't improve faster is that
apparently intelligent people, confronted with an explicit quotation of
explicit adice about how to improve it *still* appear to think that a post
of will suffice to make a change.

It can't be stated often enough: if you want a change made, SourceForge is
the appropriate place to suggest it. In the case of the documentation, Fred
Drake is very responsive, and emailing him via python-docs at
usually works (but this makes extra work for Fred, who's probably busy

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