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ChrisBarker Chris.Barker at
Wed Sep 18 14:42:11 EDT 2002

Manuel Hendel wrote:
> if domainfield in domain:
>     domainlines.append(line)
> [....]
> This should work if the domainfield and domain got the following
> values, shouldn't it?
> domainfield =
> damain =

Nope. the "in" operator looks for an itme in a sequence. a string is a 
sequence of charactors, so you can only do something like:

if 'f' in 'a long string'

but not:

if 'this' in 'a long string'

what you want is one of the string methods:

if domain.find(domainfield) >= 0 :

string.find() returns the index of the substring if it finds it, and -1 
otherwise. Since 0 is a valid index (and so is -1) you have to check if 
the index >= 0 to see if it is found.


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