List/Tuple bug or feature?

Mahesh Padmanabhan news at
Wed Sep 25 10:24:23 EDT 2002

"Mark McEahern" <marklists at> writes:

> You don't really say much about how you generated this large list, but one
> idea would be to automate the process of generating it and/or fix whatever
> bug led to the omission of the comma.
> I don't have anything more clever than that to offer; perhaps someone else
> does.

It is simply a list of constants so I could not generate it
automatically. I then use this list to filter out one element of the
list using the builtin filter function. I don't think I can break down
the list so that I can view missing commas easier because all
constants seem to logically group together. Something like this:

constantList = [1,2,3,4,5]

filteredList = filter(some_function, list)


Mahesh Padmanabhan


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