XMLRPC calls don't work in threads, or rather, they don't play well with others ! (help)

Martin v. Loewis martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Sep 30 01:50:28 EDT 2002

Steve Ludtke <sludtke at bcm.tmc.edu> writes:

> Hi. I've been trying to write a python app that makes somewhat
> time-consuming XMLRPC calls. I planned to have several calls going at
> once using threads, but it seems like something in the XMLRPC client
> code isn't releasing the python interpreter lock properly. 

This is unlikely. xmlrpclib does not use threads. I don't know what
xmlrpclib_auth is, so all bets are off.

If it doesn't use any threading facilities, either, blocking calls
will occur eventually only in the socket read/write calls, which do
allow other threads to run, and do release the interpreter lock

> Is there something I can do at the Python level to deal with this
> issue ?

I'd add print statements at all levels of the code, to see where
exactly it is blocking.


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