Solaris 64 bit compilation

Holden Caulfield phoebe_1 at
Fri Sep 20 22:44:33 EDT 2002

 This is my first attempt at compiling Python v2.2.1 in *64bit* mode 
on a Solaris 5.9 system. I am using the Sun Compiler (the latest I do not
remember the version). I am migrating a few of my apps (all developed on
64bit platforms) to Solaris, so I *need* the 64bit mode.

But, it is failing miserably. It compiles *fine* in 32bit mode (the default),
but it does me no good. As some of the extensions library that I have are
64bit. Before, I start hacking I thought I would give a query here and see
if anyone had any success?

Here are my preliminary results:
- Flags used "-xarch=v9 -xcode=pic32".
The first thing I get is the bail-out in "pyport.h":
 Where the #LONG_BITS != (8 * sizeof(LONG)) fails!!!

So, I commented it out, first to proceed and see what happens. Most of them
compiled fine except, I got some serious errors in the:
fileobject.c file probably related to the LP64 model.

I will try to add more info, when I get around to it. If anyone has successfully
done this, I would appreciate if they can share the info.

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