I must be an idiot, please pity me!

Greg Fortune lists at gregfortune.com
Thu Sep 12 00:10:50 EDT 2002

Sure, make another module named db.  Provide a couple functions in db like 
connect and query.

Then in CGI1.py
import db
import mod1
import mod2

db.connect(host, db_name, user, pass)

#do your stuff

And in mod1
import db

def functiona():
        return db.query('SELECT * FROM some_table')

The db module would need to look something like this
#assuming you are using MySQL
import MySQLdb

def connect(host, db_name, user, pass):
        global THE_CURSOR
        the_db = MySQL.connect(user=user, passwd=pass, db=db_name,
        THE_CURSOR = the_db.cursor()

def query(query_string):
        return THE_CURSOR.execute(query_string)

Of course, that doesn't take into account connecting to multiple database, 
connections sharing, closing the connection, etc...  But it should work for 
what you're trying to do.  If you'd like a more powerful db module, let me 
know and I can share some of the code I've developed over the past couple 

Greg Fortune
Fortune Solutions

newbie wrote:

> Hello all. I'm getting very desperate now, so I have to ask for some help.
> I'm working on a small project and have slipped into what must be
> namespace hell.
> I have a few controlling CGI scripts that use functions from other modules
> to build parts of a page. Each function in these other modules contains
> the SQL processing and HTML building code grouped by related data. The
> idea being I can reuse the functions in the other scripts. All works fine,
> providing each modules connects to the database as a stand alone job, or I
> pass a database connection object thing to each and every function. I
> suspect that both of these are wrong, due to the ugliness or nasty system
> overhead of the datbase connections.
> What I thought I should be able to do is:
> CGI1.py:
> import mod1, mod2
> connect to database
> create part of page using mod1.functiona
> create part of page using mod1.functionb
> create part of page using mod2.functionz
> close database
> But it doesn't seem to work like that. I've trawled though google and deja
> for days (plus a couple of new rider books), and no one seems to hit this
> problem. I must have a HUGE misunderstanding somewhere. I know mod1 and
> mod2 cannot see CGI.py namespace, but there must be a way of sharing the
> database connection, mustn't there?
> Help or a kick up the bottom would be really appreciated here!
> Sammy.

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