ANN: NINZ 1.2.1

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at
Thu Sep 12 13:32:16 EDT 2002

In an attempt to throw the authorities off his trail, Gustavo Niemeyer <niemeyer at> transmitted:
> NINZ stands for NINZ Is Not ZSI. This name was used to leave it clear
> that NINZ is a fork from ZSI. I have done this because I wanted a few
> features in ZSI which were not available at the moment, and at the same
> time, I don't wanted to distribute a hacked version of ZSI, since I
> could cause harm to Rich Salz's work on ZSI. My plans are to keep in
> sync with ZSI, always submitting what I change back to Rich, so he can
> keep his great work, and use in ZSI any code he likes. I don't want to
> takeover any credits of his work, and that's why I leave it clear here
> that my changes are insignificant compared to the comprehensive work he
> has done on ZSI. Indeed, my expectatives is that most of these features
> will be included in ZSI itself someday, and NINZ will die.
> More information about NINZ, including a comprehensive "NINZ vs. ZSI"
> session at:

ZSI hasn't been touched in some months, so I'd be surprised if this
('a fork') would be overly troublesome.
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