ANN: Thinking in Tkinter

Stephen Ferg steve at
Sat Sep 7 00:09:50 EDT 2002

A small page devoted to "Thinking in Tkinter"
for whoever might find it useful.

I've been trying to teach myself Tkinter out of various books, and I'm
finding it more difficult than I think it should be.

The problem is that the authors of the books want to rush into telling
me about all of the widgets in the Tkinter toolbox, but never really
pause to explain basic concepts. They don't explain how to "think in

Here are a few short programs that begin to explain how to think in
Tkinter. In them, I don't attempt to catalog all of the types of
widgets, attributes, and methods that are available in Tkinter. I just
try to get started down the road of understanding some basic Tkinter

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