Question about __getattribute__/__getattr__

Joao Prado Maia jpm at
Mon Sep 30 16:32:22 EDT 2002

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, holger krekel wrote:

> Probably you are interested in the Memoize recipe at 

That looks interesting, and it is indeed similar to what I'm trying to 
acomplish, but on my case I want to keep each specific return value in a 
separate cache file.

The first Memoize class keeps every cached item in a dictionary, which it 
may be fine for some applications, but I need it for a network server that 
may be running for several days. It's not the best thing to keep 
everything in memory ;)

The second class keeps everything on the same pickled file (please let me 
know if I'm wrong), which will be very slow after a couple hundred megs of 
data in there.

Anyway, I'm still going back to my original question: how do I get the 
full list of arguments passed to a function ? This can't be that hard :)


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