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Wed Sep 11 06:46:44 EDT 2002

David Brown wrote:
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>> Hi!
>> Does Python have function pointers? If not, is there a possibility to
> emulate them?

Broken quoting - yuck! Your newsreader is broken. Please repair it (using
third party software) or make Usenet a better place by throwing away that

> Functions are first-order objects (is that the right term?)

It is.

> in Python, so you can just assign them to a variable.

If we want to keep the terminology right, Python doesn't have variables. It
has names and values. Values are bound to names. In your case:

For example:

> def foo(x):
>     print x

... you create a function object using the def statement and bind it to the
name 'foo'.

> bar = foo

Here you bind the name 'bar' to the value the name 'foo' refers to.

-- Gerhard

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