Graph algorithms - minimisation

Jesper Olsen jolsen at
Tue Sep 10 15:15:02 EDT 2002

Thanks for the reference.

Unfortunately a shortest path algorithm will not help here.

There seems to have been several efforts to implement graph algorithms
in python, but the ones have came across do not go much beyond representing
the graphs and implementing eg. Dijkstras algorithm for finding
shortest paths (there is also one in the Vaults of Parnassus).

It probably does not exist for python, but what I am looking for
is actually a python inferface to something similar to the 
AT&T FSM library (which is a binary distribution, and not open source).


Gon alo Rodrigues <op73418 at> wrote in message news:<8vrrnuckib7gbuodhrmbs2f88nq8r5r5vu at>...
> On Tue, 10 Sep 2002 09:30:01 GMT, Padraig Brady <Padraig at>
> wrote:
> >Jesper Olsen wrote:
> >> Do you know of python extentions that implement efficient graph
> >> algorithms?
> >> 
> >> In particular I am interested in minimising the number of nodes & arcs
> >> used for representing directed graphs.
> >> 
> >> If you know of implementations in other languages than python - e.g.
> >> C/C++, I am interested as well.
> >> 
> >> Cheers
> >> Jesper
> >
> >Guido wrote an essay on graphs @
> >
> >In there is a method to return the shortest path
> >which may be useful?
> I remember seeing a recipe in ActiveState cookbook with Dijkstra's
> algorithm for finding shortest paths. You can then adapt it to your own
> representation of a graph. 
> >
> >Pádraig.
> Best regards,
> Gonçalo Rodrigues

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