calling Oracle functions

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Fri Sep 13 13:25:16 EDT 2002

>> Now a simpler question:
>> 	is it possible to specify the data source name directly not through
>> 	the alias defined in tnsnames.ora. In perl DBD I can specify a
>> 	connection string like cs = "dbi:Oracle:host=;sid=TEST"?

> cx_Oracle is passing the string directly to Oracle, so whatever it
> accepts, cx_Oracle will accept. Specifically, you can take the entire
> string that is in your tnsnames.ora file and pass it directly as in

> v_TNS =

> v_Connection = cx_Oracle.connect("user", "pw", v_TNS)

> and that works just fine. Does that answer your question?

Yes. Thanks. I would only suggest that you can add a function to
cx_Oracle to make that big ugly string from 3 parameters.
something like:

def makeDSN(host,port,sid):
	(HOST=%s) (PORT=%s))) (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=%s)))""" %


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